Reinventing A Digital Presence

Reinventing A Digital Presence

Branding, Responsive Website Development + Landing Pages, & SEM (lead generation)

Beratek Industries wanted a website that would appeal to businesses and inventors without the confusion. Our goal was to present valuable information to the correct audiences. The focus would be centered around getting visitors to submit for a free consultation. Legacy developed and implemented a classic look with a modern appeal for their website, mirroring their client approach.

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Search Engine Marketing


By implementing a narrowly targeted KW strategy that focused solely on its low-hanging fruit and writing ads that made sense against its core competencies, Legacy delivered 30% more leads than anticipated in month one and increase lead generation 52% while driving down CPA month-over-month.

In just 5 months, Legacy had reduced Beratek’s CPA by 62%.


Website Development


Sleek, strong, and functional. We focused on conversions.

Beratek’s reimagined online identity now matches its heart and soul; The Standard in Innovation.


The Parallax


“I founded Legacy Publisher under two main beliefs, which serve as the principle pillars that guide my design. First, that what we do in life echoes in eternity. This is our Legacy. Therefore, we should focus on making and not simply making it. Secondly, everything we do, we unto God. This is the source of my inspiration and what fuels my approach. We feel that this religious-type passion and incredible zeal for excellence is what drives our client’s satisfaction.”


Behind the project


Jake Jackson